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Cleanse and Makeup - £20.00

Cleanse and Makeup Lesson - £25.00

Mini Facial - £30.00
Refreshing ‘pick-me-up’ cleansing treatment

Aromatherapy Facial - £30.00
Using Eve Taylor high quality ingredients and pure essential oils. Refreshing, detoxing, calming for your skin & mind.

Facial Self-tan - £3.00
Can be applied after any of the above facials

Ozone Steam Facial - £30.00
Recommended for combination skins to deep cleanse and stimulate

Viennese Facial - £30.00
High frequency electrical treatment for either acne-scarred oily skins or excessively dehydrated unstimulated complexions

Paraffin Wax Facial - £30.00
Excellent for all skin types to deep cleanse, stimulate and nourish using collagen and elastin creams and vitamin E enriched paraffin wax


GLAMGLOW - £28.00
A new facial from Hollywood California.an anti-aging facial using a unique mud delivery system , minimising pores, evens skin tone,reducing fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin looking and feeling flawless with a long lasting effect. First stockist in the north east .

A deep anti-aging treatment for crepy ,dry skin and crows feet around the eyes using collagen with effects lasting up to 14 days. To be used as part of a facial or by it self.

ADD ON - Reflexology or arm & hand massage for only £5 extra

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